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Lobster Stuffed Flounder with Truffle Salt

It started with free lobster bodies.I wanted to make seafood risotto for our friends gathered together in Cape Cod last week. Of course, the cornerstone to good risotto is great stock, but as I entered the simple, village fish market … Continue reading

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Fresh Noodles with Poached Salmon and Shrimp

If you can find fresh, thick noodles, like Udon, in an Asian store, snap them up! They are infinitely better than the dried type—thick and chewy and really satisfying. If you do not have access to fresh Asian noodles then … Continue reading

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Gumbo is one of the hardest recipes to get down on paper. It seems as if there are no two gumbo recipes alike, and everyone has an opinion on what makes a good gumbo and, if you are talking to … Continue reading

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Maryland Crab Soup

I met my husband while I was attending culinary school in Baltimore, Maryland. He worked for a lumber yard. It was love at first sight and he asked me to marry him on our first date (truly). Baltimore is a cool … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Breakfast

Check out the colour of the yolk…Flaked Abroath Smokies and soft-poached egg (from the neighbour’s chickens) on toasted whole wheat with a squirt of lemon and freshly cracked black pepper….Abroath Smokie

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Thai Fishcakes

These are such beautiful little babies. Small and green with flecks of red—and the taste… well, they taste even better than they look. Although there are some not-so-mainstream ingredients in here (really just one, the fish sauce), these fish cakes … Continue reading

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Oven Baked Fish Cakes

If you cook only one thing in your life, let this be it. I have made countless fish cakes—I LOVE fish cakes—but this recipe takes the cake. It is simply delicious. It is made with an ingredient I was unaware … Continue reading

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Nanny’s Crab Aspic

Ever since I wrote a story about eating dinner with my grandparents I have been thinking (obsessing?) about the crab aspic that my grandmother, Nanny used to make. It was very old fashioned, very British (as I came to find … Continue reading

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B. Mary’s Crab Aspic

Aspic is very a very old fashioned type of dish. If you like Bloody Marys, you may just like recipe. I love it, for sentimental reasons… It’s nice to serve as a light salad before a heavy entrée, or for … Continue reading

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Healthy Fish Curry

I have developed a better appreciation for Indian food since moving to the UK. It is a fabulous cuisine! Often though, it is loaded with gee (clarified butter)– yummy, just not too healthy. Here’s one solution for a healthy curry; … Continue reading

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